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16th December 2008

12:39pm: From the Figures du corps–Une leçon d’anatomie aux Beaux-arts exhibit in Paris

Hat tip Morbid Anatomy.

12th December 2008


10th December 2008


By Alfred Kubin.

Hat tip Morbid Anatomy.
9:51am: No High Ground

By Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison.

Hat tip who killed bambi?

8th December 2008


Hat tip Street Anatomy

2nd December 2008

2:39pm: Nifty grafitti

Hat tip Street Anatomy
1:46pm: BRILLIANT!!!

Hat tip the ever entertaining Sean Collins
11:54am: Dust thou art, and to dust thou shalt return

Hat tip Morbid Anatomy, natch.

25th November 2008

11:36am: Body Bakery

This is bread.

More about the artist here.

Hat tip Street Anatomy

22nd November 2008

8:43am: Never More

By Marko Beslac.

Hat tip to Goddelijke Gladiolen.

20th November 2008

1:01am: A prodigy, perhaps?

Artist's website: here

Hat tip Hugo Strikes Back

17th November 2008

11:49pm: The burnt out wreckage of the Deyrolle of Paris

Read more about it here.

Hat tip Morbid Anatomy

9th November 2008

6:20pm: This hits me hard right in the maternal parts of my heart...

Check out the artist's website.

Hat Tip my new plaid pants.
11:46am: Manikins displaying war wounds

This is from the lovely collection of the National Museum of Health and Medicine. See more here.
11:41am: Nifty little web toy
Spell with flickr!

M M E plain card disc letter u B::SLC i Q-uality equipment Vintage LEGO Letter U I T O DSC_0072 s21

Hat Tip Dark Roasted Blend

1st November 2008

12:47am: Creepy graves
From Mental Floss.

More beneath the cut... )

31st October 2008

6:10pm: Baby Embalming Fluid

Hat Tip Ectoplasmosis

24th October 2008

2:47pm: "I was always treated as if I had insisted on being born, in opposition to the dictates of reason, religion, and morality, and against the dissuading arguments of my best friends."

-Great Expectations
1:20pm: Best. Pumpkin. Ever.

See more pumpkin carving awesomeness here!
12:58pm: Pawel Ksiazek

Check out more at the artist's website.

Hat tip Bagger.

20th October 2008

5:14pm: Freaky

Hat Tip Mr. Fox

18th October 2008

6:57pm: I love the sun...

See more awesome pictures here.

Hat tip Dark Roasted Blend

17th October 2008

3:04pm: Mommy Dearest
This is just creepy.

Hat tip Ectoplasmosis
2:22pm: Dioramas by Jonah Samson

A few more of my favorites here. )

More at the artist's website.

Hat tip Who Killed Bambi?

14th October 2008

4:21pm: Alice by Chuck Groenink

Hat Tip Hugo Strikes Back
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